New Year’s Resolution from NSSF

Here is one New Year’s Resolution that I can heartily endorse:

It’s that the time of year for taking stock of things, and making resolutions–those promises we make to ourselves about important goals to accomplish in the coming year. Whether your list is long or short, we at NSSF ask you to add one more simple promise–to introduce someone in 2009 to target shooting or hunting. Inviting either a newcomer or a former participant to go shooting or hunting is a simple act, yet one that research continues to show is the most successful way to get people started or reactivated in our sports. “If each of us in the hunting and shooting community followed through on a promise to issue such an invitation and actually took someone shooting, the effects would be exponential and profound, not only to our industry but for wildlife, habit and the protection of our rights as gun owners,”said Steve Sanetti, president of NSSF. “I can assure you that such a promise is on my New Year’s list of resolutions, and I ask that everyone in our community do the same.” An easy and fun way to issue that invitation is through NSSF’s electronic invitation cards at At last count, some 60 a day were being sent. Consider adding yourself to that number. And that promise to your list. You have 365 days to keep it.

I am 100% on board with that, and I’d like to challenge you to take it a step further.  Don’t just introduce a newbie to the shooting sports.  Introductions are great, and they help us all, but I personally want to see it go past that.  Introduce someone to the shooting sports, and then nurture them.  Take that introduction to the fun and rewarding environment of shooting and do everything you can to grow it into a passion in that other person.  For 2009, don’t just make people into new gun owners, but make them into gun nuts.


  1. I’ve already got a date to take my mom to the range next month when I get home from Iraq.

  2. Darn! I was vacationing without internet access and didn’t get the memo.
    I guess turning my three Grand kids on to the fun of shooting last weekend will not count for 2009 – so I better go out and do my part.

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