I want

A Sig.

Don’t know why.  Maybe it was all the Jason Bourne movies and NCIS I’ve been watching, or maybe it’s because I saw some guy playing with a Sig X5 and it looked sexay, or maybe, just maybe, it’s because Gander Mountain has a used single stack 9mm P220 for like 300 beans.

I know I shouldn’t have multiple operating systems for serious competition carry guns, but hmmm….I guess I could get a Sig 1911.


  1. If you can get a 9mm p220 for three bills, you should run, not walk, to the dealer and snag it.

    I’ve got a GSR and it’s been nothing but problems. Not at all what you’d expect from Sig.


  2. Think of it as an investment in your gunblogger expertise. You can’t opine about a system unless you personally own one, according to the internets. That way lies madness, of course, but then who isn’t a little nutty?

  3. Sig had alot of issues with their GSR. It’s one of the few Sig models that they just didn’t do right.

    Some of the newer milled slide P220’s with the internal extractors sucked pretty bad too.

    Older stamped slide W. German Sigs are usually great guns. I’d expect this 9mm P220 would be no different.

    Buy it Caleb, if you don’t like it you could almost certainly turn around and sell it for a profit.

  4. I am USPSA cometitive in production with a P226, in 40 no less. It’s the shooter, not the gun, that makes a winner…..hmmmm… that sounds like a good blog post.

  5. P220 in 9mm? Go get it! I’m an XD45 fan, but I tend to carry my P220 in .45 around the house.

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