A Very Special Gun Nuts Christmas Special

How many more times do you think I could have legitimately said “special” in the title of this post?  In all seriousness though, I have probably never laughed as much during the taping/airing of a show as I did on last night’s Gun Nuts Christmas Special.

We had a great time – I talked about gifts from my father, the Traeger grill I got from my wife, guns, accessories, you name it. As usual, we had a raft of great callers, including a call in from the host of another show on BTR.

Honestly though, the best part about last night’s show was when Breda talked about the velvet unicorn paintings she received as a kid, and then managed to start a conversation about her dice. You have to listen to the show to believe it. Next week, we’re going to wrap up 2008, and take a look forward at what’s coming in 2009. That means that we’re going to need you, the listeners, to call in to the show next week. I want the board blowing up, because we’re going to be taking suggestions from listeners on stories, and show ideas that you’d like to hear us cover. That’s next tuesday at 9pm Eastern time.



  1. We’re about to hit the road, but I’ll have to listen later to see if you guys ever answered the question I submitted via IM just before BTR crapped out on us for the last time.

    I asked Breda how, at 9PM on the night before Christmas Eve, a gunnie could find recommended gifts with time to be delivered under the Christmas tree. I was looking forward to the creative answers. 🙂

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