Knock it off

By now, I’m sure everyone online has heard about the HS Precision/Lon Horiuchi incident.  People are rightfully castigating H-S Precision over their non-apology, and some people are even taking it so far as to boycott Remington, one of HS Precision’s largest customers (which I don’t agree with).

However, today was the 2nd time this week that I’ve seen some guy on the internet talk about how we should also boycott FN Herstal, because their rifles use HS Precision stocks.  That would be all well and good except for the part where it’s completely wrong.  It took me all of 30 seconds to click over to their website, and then click on links to all of their bolt action rifles.  FN catalogs three different bolt action rifles, and here’s what I found.

Special Police Rifles: come standard with McMillan tactical rifle stocks

Precision Shooting Rifles: The action is bedded in a McMillan fiberglass stock to help maintain a reliable zero

FN Patrol Bolt Rifle: The specially designed FN/Hogue stock

That information is right there, on their website.  You know, where anyone could find it within about 30 seconds, just like I did.

I am fine with people calling for boycotts of companies that are customers of HS Precision, because even if I don’t agree with boycotting Remington, it’s your right.  However, I’m not fine with people calling for boycotts of companies that don’t have anything to do with HS Precision; and the last thing I want is for some guy to start an internet rumor which could tarnish or otherwise damage a company like FN Herstal, which has been nothing but a friend to gun owners.

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