Practice does not make you perfect.  Practice makes you better.  Bowling Pins, steel plates, IDPA, USPSA – if you carry a gun for self-defense, find a venue that forces you to shoot that gun, to reload that gun, to clear jams on that gun (if it’s not “perfect”); and to do it all under pressure.

It’s called “Stress Inoculation“, and it works.

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  1. Practice makes FOR perfect……. it is motion in the right direction…..

    Lasting perfection does not exist in this world…. that doesn’t mean that you should stop moving ’cause you can’t get there from here!

    Shooty games help you learn to hit what you are aiming at under pressure. There is some kind wrong headed thinking going on if someone is using a 5K$ race gun to play a game and carries a $250 snubbie for self defense…… mayhaps he/she is thinking they are so good with the snubbie they don’t NEED the practice….

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