New Hamilton County Shooting Range

Wyatt’s Sporting Goods has re-opened its doors in Cicero, just north of Noblesville.  This is good news for Hamilton County shooters, because in March, Wyatt’s is planning on opening Hamilton County’s first indoor shooting range.  Did I mention that the new range that’s going to open is going to be the absolute state of the art in indoor range technology?

The 25-yard, seven-lane, wheelchair-accessible range will be unlike any other, said Wyatt. “It’s designed for safety, then fun,” and he’s taken what he thinks are the best ideas from ranges around the world, he said.

“There is nothing like it in the state of Indiana,” said Jeff Kruse, 52, Arcadia, owner of Ballistic Technologies. He designed the temperature-controlled self-contained range with a bulletproof perimeter, private shooting stalls and a closed-loop ventilation system with air scrubbers.

It will be very nice to have a place to go shoot in the winter that is 1) in my area, and 2) capable of supporting shots longer than 45 feet.  There’s nothing nicer than being able to roll out a B27 target to 25 yards just to see how good a shot you actually are.

I’m looking forward to March – you can be that when the new range opens I’ll be one of the first customers!