2008 greatest hits

For each month, here are the posts that you, the readers, decided were the most popular.  Based on page views:

January: Security Threatre

February: SHOT Spotlight Boberg XR9

March: “Don’t Worry”.  (Silly image ftw)

April: Wintermute is Back

May: ATF Throwing Adventure Outdoors Under the Bus

June: Imagine Obama 08

July: Tactical Segeway

August: Compare and Contrast

September: A two time winner!  Compare and Contrast

October: Three time winner! Compare and Contrast

November: Boycott HS Precision

December: Repeat – Boycott HS Precision!

Yearly Winner (most page views): Boycott HS Precision

Top five referrers for the year

  1. SayUncle
  2. View from the Porch
  3. Snowflakes In Hell
  4. Fark
  5. Instapundit

Plenty more blogging to come in ’08, and I’m looking forward to a huge 2009.

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