Christmas Specials

As I sit drinking my coffee on a cold Indiana Saturday, I’m reminded of my favorite Christmas special of all time.  No, it’s not Rudolph, it’s not Charlie Brown, it’s none of those.  It’s an extremely little know special called “A Wish for Wings that Work”; by Berkeley Breathed.  Starring Opus, Bill the Cat, and other characters from his “Outland/Bloom County/Opus” series of comics, A Wish for Wings that Work has always been something of a family tradition in the Ahab household – and now I’m sharing that tradition with you.  Thank the internets for this!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

“Starboard stabilizing ailertuder?”

Merry Christmas, guys.


  1. We’re going down…why are we going down!?!? We’re going down, because penguins can’t fly…

  2. I’ve had this on VHS since college. I crack it out every year for a laugh. Nice to know I’m not the only Opus nerd out there.

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