Carry Guns, SHOT Show and magic elves

If you missed last night’s show, you missed another great one.  We started off with a discussion of SHOT Show, which as I mentioned yesterday is going to be an excellent time.  The conversation was prompted by this image – my press pass for SHOT arrived yesterday in the mail, which caused all sorts of giddy excitement on my part. After the discussion of SHOT, we moved on to the topic of the show, which was carry guns and affordable defensive firearms. You can download an .mp3 of the show by clicking this link, or listen via the embedded player below.

If neither of those listening methods is your flavor, you can also just click here. We’re also available in the iTunes store for download now, so if you’re an Apple/iTunes user, you can search for “Call me Ahab” in the iTunes store and subscribe to the podcast. It downloads updates to you the morning after the show. I have to say though, if you’re not listening live, you’re missing out on the best part of the show – the Gun Nuts Chat. When the show goes live every evening at 9pm, the chat room at goes live as well – and it literally packed with a “who’s who” of gunbloggers. If you’re not listening live, you’re missing out.

I’d like to thank everyone who called in this week to add to the show – it’s your voices, the listeners, the gun nuts who make this show what it is. Without you guys, we’d just be a pair of talking heads having a conversation.



  1. we’d just be a pair of talking heads having a conversation

    I’d like to point out that we couldn’t see your heads (or any other part of you), so you’d really be a couple of disembodied voices having a conversation.

    Admittedly, I’m used to this, as it happens on a fairly regular basis inside my head, but that wasn’t the point. 🙂

    Excellent show, with some good thoughts being tossed around (with the usual chatroom happy-snark). Looking forward to the next episode!

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