This is my grownup Christmas list

In a couple of weeks, we’re going to be doing “A Gunnie Christmas” on Gun Nuts Radio, and while that show is still two weeks off, I wanted to get the ball rolling with my “I wish” Christmas list.  It should also be noted that any ammo/gun related items wouldn’t be delivered by Santa Claus, but rather by Sam & Max, Freelance Police.

  1. ParaUSA Tac-5 – Oh yes.  Do want.
  2. Someone, anyone to make a quality, commander sized 1911 chambered for .40 S&W.  Come on, anyone?
  3. Peace on earth.
  4. For Gun Nuts radio to take off in a way I had never imagined, allowing me to quit my job and focus on the show full time. (HA)
  5. A pony?

How about you?  Any five items.


  1. 1. For my Utah CCW to come before January 20th.
    2. A scope mount for the M1A
    3. A ACOG scope to go with that mount.
    4. A company to come back with a new and improved Marlin Camp Carbine style rifle in .45ACP
    5. For HarryBarryNancy to spend a lot of effort pushing through relatively week anti-gun legislation, and ultimately fail to pass anything and cause a backlash and rollback in 2010-11

  2. 1. All elected officials to begin their morning’s with a quick read of the Constitution, and then… abide by it!(Ha!)
    2. Repeal of the GCA and NFA (Double Ha!)
    3. A suppressed upper for my 9mm AR.
    4. A gift certificate for a few classes at the Sig Academy(I think this one might actually happen!)
    5. Snow!I want a white Christmas so I can go sledding with my son.

  3. Well, I’ve been a bad little boy and already bought most of my Christmas wants because…Obama I guess. They were:

    1) Dan Wesson CBOB in .45 ACP
    2) A 9mm top end for my Witness 10mm so I can practice more economically
    3) A Marvel Precision .22 LR top end for my Les Baer Concept III…so I can work on trigger control
    4) A whole bunch of normal capacity mags for my furrin’-made pistols…XDs, Witness
    5) the Obama admin to realize that governing is for grown ups and to abandon the unicorn and lollipop crap

    I already got #1 – #4 and #5 is a pipe dream. So I guess I’ll just ask for a GPS system since the one on my Blackberry sucks

  4. How realistic?

    Not very
    1. Barret .50 semi
    2. Aston-Martin DBS
    3. Joe, meet Clint Smith… Clint, meet Joe. He’ll be your new padawan learner.
    4. Free lifetime supply of ammo
    5. Serbu Super Shorty, built on a Mossy500 action

    1. Mags for XD45, G21/30, AR15, 10/22
    2. Ammo for XD45, AR15, 10/22
    3. Threaded barrel/stock for 10/22
    4. Can for 10/22
    5. Krav Maga classes

  5. Santa’s shop has been delivering off season hardware to me so I have little left on a list except for these:

    1. A few kind words.
    2. Job / Economic / National Security – they are all related
    3. Less Government “assistance”
    4. Sako TRG-42 and appropriate opticals
    5. STI Ranger II

  6. Sorry, I didn’t see your initial reply…
    Like you, I’m a 1911 newbie. I shoot mostly revos and glocks, but have recently come to admire a well made 1911. I keep scouting the forums for insights and have read so much conflicting info that I just decided that I’d go with the maker that had the most reputation capital concerning reliability. That narrowed it down to Wilson and Springfield Professional. I’m sure other guns be makers are decent, but I look at the price tag as cheap insurance and a minimum of fuss… (if folks couldn’t tell, this is prolly going to be my CCW gun)

    That said 2k fir a pistol is pretty steep… I just see that I’m able to run the gun faster and with far more control than the Tupperware. That and this is America dammit!!

  7. on the “world peace” level of things:
    sensible gun ownership laws in Australia, specifically:
    – removal of barrel length restrictions
    – removal of requirement to licence every firearm
    – removal of minimum shoot requirements for handguns
    – ability to carry

    on the “it’s just money” level of things:
    – new range bag (
    – peltor ear muffs
    – oakley tinted glasses
    – chrono (seeing as no one i know has one)

    that’ll do 🙂

  8. 1. My Mom to get better.
    2. XD .45 with a safety and Crimson Trace.
    3. Someone to buy my Wichita 7MM IHMSA Limited Edition (one of only 25 made – unfired in presentation case w/ brass and RCBS dies).
    4. Whirrled Peas
    5. Conservative congressional takeover of Congress in two years and to live up to conservative ideals for a change.

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