Gun Nuts Tonight: Carry guns!

By now, you should know the drill – tonight, 9pm Eastern time at  Join the chat, call in live, but just be there.

The topic for tonight’s show is affordable carry guns – I had invited a rep from Charter Arms to be on the show, but it appears that they won’t be able to make it.  However, between our callers and our hosts, we should have plenty of conversation to cover the fastest hour on the internet.

Again, that’s tonight at  9pm Eastern time at!


  1. The topic was “affordable” carry guns…… IMHO, anything in .380 is pretty pricey to feed, if you are practicing like you should:

    1 box of .380 WWB in .380 is $3.00 more/box of 50 than 9mm (Cabela’s) X 2 boxes/month x 12 months = $720 bucks in 10 years, the price of a spendier pistola….. hell, if you throw in the price you paid for the .380 in the first place, you could get a couple of used/po-po trade in Glocks or an EMP for the same money. Just ask yourself: At the end of 10 years, would you rather have a used 150 dollar gun, or an equally used 850 dollar gun? just something else to consider…..

    …….. and don’t even think about taking up the .45, unless you have money to burn or you handload……..

  2. I just got my daughter what I consider one of the most affordable and practical carry guns available, a Kel-Tec P11. Costing in the neighborhood of $250 and smaller than most .380 pistols, it holds 11rds of 9mm. Right now, WWB 9mm is $20/100rds at Wally world while .380 is over $33 for the same amount. So far, with only one box of ammo through it, this gun has demonstrated complete reliability and surprising accuracy. My daughter is in love with it. I think these Kel-tecs are the sleeper of the affordable CCW category.

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