For the Girl Gunny

Christmas is a rough time of year for us guys, as we’re often beset upon all sides by a vast array of gifts for our wife, and no surefire way to ensure that we get the right gift for her.  Well, as a battlehardened veteran of many a Christmas gone awry, let me offer you a little advice for the girl gunnut in your household, if you are so blessed.

Galco USA, a maker of holsters, belts, and other gun carrying items, is kind enough on their website to have a section labeled “Women’s Top Picks“.  In this section you’ll find everything from holsters to handbags – some of which I have been assured are “cute“.

Maybe your lady friend doesn’t need a holster, maybe what she needs is a way to help badguys make informed decisions.  If you think that a targeting aide is a good idea, check out Crimson Trace’s newest line of neon Pink laser grips.  One of those would look great on an S&W snubbie, and you could probably find a matching…uh….item from Victoria’s Secret to go with it.

Maybe she’s already got a gun, but doesn’t like whatever color/finish it came in.  No problem, give the guys at Lauer Custom Weaponry a call.  They can turn your boring old 1911 into a brilliantly colored “Bronx Rose”  pistol.  It’s a double win – not only do you jazz up your gun, but you get to irritate Mayor Bloomberg as well!

Maybe you’re still out of ideas after all of that, or worse yet, your wife/girlfriend isn’t a gun nut.  No worries, we have solutions for that.  For example, take her shooting.  But don’t just take her the range and burn up some ammo, make a date out of it.  You take her to the range, and then spring a nice dinner on her at McCormick & Schmick’s, or Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.  If she’s not into steakhouses or fish joints, take her shopping afterwards.  But you have to commit, no taking her the range and then checking out mentally and acting like you don’t give a crap about the shopping – it’s a give and take world.

And for my three or four girl readers, I will put a post on Monday on what to get the boy gunny in your life – from blasters to camo!


  1. I guess I’m double blessed. While I’m married to a girl gunny, she’s not a “girlie” gunny. Man, I can just imagine the laser beam of death look I would get if I gave her pink grips or a rose-colored pistol or a cute purse. Might as well get her a dual-bag vacuum cleaner.
    Nope, apparently just today I bought her a brand new 92FS for Christmas. I say apparantly, because she called me at work and mentioned she “happened” to be in a gun shop that had a 92 that matched her nickel 85F and that I was buying it for her. I’m guessing it’s an Inox since I don’t think they make a 92 in nickel. I guess I’ll see it when she gets home.

  2. (here by way of Uncle) … i identify more with your wife, Mopar, then someone who would want pink grips (walnut ones are fine thanks).

    I did however, think that some of the handbags were cute … shame we’re not allowed to carry here in Australia.

  3. Ahab, you shame me. The “you come shooting with me and I’ll go shoe shopping with you” is such a no-brainer to get teh lovely-but-reluctant Mrs. Borepatch to the range.

    And if I’m lucky, she’ll get high heels. It’s a double win!

  4. I may never understand why there’s such a fascination with pink in particular. I hear that in the shop all the time, both from guys shopping for guns without their significant other present (not really of any value at all), and from significant others, both shopping for guns and being dragged along and not being very interested in the process. The color pink comes up specifically on a regular basis. I understand color; that makes sense to some degree. That pink is the color is what I don’t really understand.

  5. I think you do a little more innovation on this idea before your show. I’ve said before how annoying it is when companies say that female gun owners would like something because it’s pink and claims to be “fashion conscious,” as if neon pink was truly a common fashion color. Let’s not encourage that. 🙂

  6. Yeah, we’re definitely going to cover that – you can’t just throw some pink on stuff and say it’s “for the ladies”.

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