A gunnie Christmas

So, say you’re like me, and all you really want for Christmas is ammo, magazine holders, or other accessories for your hobby.  However, your family and friends like to be “creative” and get you gift cards to places like Amazon, which would be great if I wanted books and DVDs…but what I really want are Blackhawk double-stack magazine holders.

So, I go to Amazon.com last night, and type “Blackhawk” into the Amazon search engine, not really hoping for much…and lo-and-behold I am greeted with a veritable cornucopia of Blackhawk products. Consider this may way of helping you gunnies out there turn silly, non-MidwayUSA giftcards into something you can use.


  1. Huh, perhaps next year I give my wife that idea. She finds all of my gunny stuff confusing and such. This might make it a little easier on her and allow me to have a happy gunny Christmas.

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