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The word of the day is “metro-tactical” – meaning a guy who likes to dress well but still dresses himself around his heater.  Your average metro-tactical guy is a study in confusion for the liberals, as he likes to shop at both Banana Republic and Gander Mountain.

On a side note, whenever I try on clothes (a rare occurence) I bring my carry gun in an IWB holster with me.  There is nothing worse than buying a nice fitting pair of jeans, and then trying to tuck a 92FS into an IWB holster and finding out that your fitted man-jeans are too tight for you to carry a serious defensive firearm.


  1. Oh Lord, I now have a label.

    Metro-Tacticals look for pants with deep pockets (pocket holsters); cargo pockets (mags, flashlight); and wide cuffs (ankle holsters). In shirts, long tails, dark colors and prints, and anti-static cling materials are preferred.

    Just as a college kid looks at a bathroom rug and think “That looks comfy to sleep on” a Metro-Tactical looks at a nice Calvin Klein wol car coat and thinks “My AR would fit under there.”

  2. Or they see a nice, tailored suit jacket and think “Holy crap, I could fit a fullsize 1911 and two spare mags under that!”

  3. I get by with Wranglers a size larger in the waist for the IWB and an untucked shirt.

    None of that metro-whatever nonsense.

  4. I think I need to confess to my own metrotactical tendencies. I’m just a padawan, though; what I need is a website that talks about what alterations can be done to dress clothes to better accomodate various firearms and other tools.

    I tell you, “business casual” will do in the RKBA movement more than any ammo restrictions or AWB re-enactments. I got a good talking-to for wearing so much as a tie; wearing any kind of jacket (I’m not a girl, so I can’t get away with “I’m COLD!”) just isn’t practical. I may as well walk around in long johns for all the concealment I can manage!

    And no, Smart Carry isn’t an option. I carry in Condition One and if the safety fails I don’t want to go off half-cocked.

  5. As a Texan, I have to deal with “hot” or “oh my GOD I’m melting!!!” for at least 6 months out of the year. Concealed carry under those conditions is a drag.

    Then again, we generally have a year-long riding season, so Texas giveth and Texas taketh away…

  6. Eh, I was always a style-challenged dresser who tended towards baggy and comfortable, so managing to fit my holster and spare magazine in as well was not that bad of a stretch :).

  7. Why do people make up silly things about SmartCarry? i carry that way and i can tell you for a fact that the gun isn’t pointed at anything but the fabric of your pants. i carry a 4″ barrel XD 45ACP compact, and i carry a spare 13 round mag in the cargo pants i bought one waist size bigger to fit the gun, not my expanding butt, no matter what my wife says!!!! i need the cargo pants for work to carry my camera, cell phone, flashlight and inspection mirror. the gun has nothing to do with it, honest!

  8. I honestly don’t know what Smart Carry is – but I can contextually derive that it involves the gun going down the front of your pantaloons?

  9. Sean, the business end of the gun is like fractions of an inch away from Richard and the boys. No dice. Also, while SmartCarry may have solved this, you can find online reports of people who’ve shot their testicles using knock-offs.

    SmartCarry doesn’t address the problem of Bus-Cas anyway.

    A 92fs? I’m not even happy with how a BHP fits!

  10. SmartCarry and biz/cas worked great for me for 4 years (G30 for 2/3, XD45 4″ Compact the rest). You are right that the real SmartCarry is the key.

    The secret is to wear it a skosh high so the belt hides the grip bulge.

    If there were a 1:1,000,000 AD, then there would be some burns, yes, but no holes in anything aside from my Dockers (which would be ruined on the backside at that point anyway).

  11. The dilemma can be solved via initials and/or letters:


    I can get my P3AT into even my tightest jeans. Sartorial prowess aside, there’s just plain no excuse for not carrying whenever possible/legal…

  12. Geez, I can barely hide an old Mustang 380. Guess I’ll blame my parents for the modest build genes.

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