Laaaast niiight…

She said baby just carrying your gun.  With apologies to The Strokes (you’re supposed to sing the title of this post), we did have a great show last night.  While we opened the show with the usual banter, the next 40 minutes were a solid and productive discussion of the defensive mindset and its application to the citizen who carries concealed.  We had multiple call-ins, but I’m pretty safe to say that the highlight of the show was the call we received from LawDog.  When you listen to the show, you’ll have to crank up your volume to hear him, but it’s worth it.  Along with our other callers, he offered up some excellent advice on preparing yourself mentally for the eventual fight. If you’d like to download the raw .mp3 file of the show, please click here.

I’m going to download a copy of that, and hopefully this evening cut together all of the caller segments and boost the gain on those so that if you’d like to, you can have all of the advice LawDog offered up in a handy “Caleb free” format.  A brief summary of that advice, and the advice from other callers follows.

  • Decide now where your line is.  Decide, in the light of day, for what, for whom, and when you’re willing to fight.  Where is the line at which you say “enough”?  It’s different for everyone, and is a cold, hard decision that you should make right now.
  • Get a lawyer.  If you ever have to use deadly force, the best thing you can do is have a lawyer you can call immediately, even if you’re 100% justified in the shooting.
  • Train.  Realistically.  If you can find force on force training, get it.  If you’re into martial arts, make sure that your training includes full contact (with pads) sparring, because “slap-and-tickle” point sparring is not the same as a jarring punch to the ribs.
  • Be situationally aware.  Criminals are predators, and they hunt where the prey is good.  By being “heads-up” you make yourself significantly less attractive as prey.

Honestly, we had another 2 or 3 hours of content, and the topic of self-defense, mental preparedness and situational awareness is one we’re going to revisit in the future.  In the meantime, download last night’s show.  You won’t be disappointed.


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  1. Sound issues aside, Tuesday night’s show was excellent, Caleb.

    You guys really know how to get people talkin’… 🙂

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