1. I picked up a M&P9C last month. Only have a few hundred rounds through it but everything is OK. I’ve ordered a custom holster for it and will soon be practicing drawing and holstering drills.

    Out-of-the-box, my rounds are hitting on the same horizontal plane. I have big hands. I switched out the palm swell to the largest size and the spread has been reduced. Just need to practice more.

  2. Ahoy!

    The torture test is over…

    From http://pistol-training.com/archives/998

    So, the test is officially at an end.

    For those keeping track, the gun fired 62,333 rounds beginning on 22-Apr-08 and ending on 5-Dec-08, a total of 228 days, or 273.4 rounds per day.

    104 total range trips, for 559.4 rounds per range day.

    344 total hours on the range, for 181.2 rounds per hour.

    The gun traveled through twenty U.S. States as well as British Columbia (go Abbotsford!). More than fifty people shot the gun during the test.

    So in about 7.5 months they went trough 62,333 rounds and finally cracked the slide.

    I highly recommend reading their whole thread on the torture test, as you’d see they didn’t necessarily clean it at regular intervals. As in thousands of rounds between cleanings.


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