The NRA is dead

So the lefties are saying.  The problem with that, while they crow about their big victory in the election, is that guns weren’t an issue.  Obama ran so hard away from the gun issue, even going so far as to have a fake pro-gun group created, that he quite successfully made firearms a relative non-issue in the presidential election.  Now, the left would have you believe that because Obama won the Presidential election, that it’s game set and match for NRA, that we’re done.  They even go so far as to make up statistics to “prove” their case.

Despite expending nearly $7 million in a national fear campaign, NRA-endorsed candidates lost 80 percent of their races against gun-control candidates.

Now, that would be true, except for the part where it’s a total lie.  Let me give you actual facts:

Of the 23 candidates for the U.S. Senate endorsed by the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund, the NRA-endorsed candidate won in at least 15 of these races, with the outcome still uncertain in Minnesota (still undecided).  Assuming Minnesota comes out as a win for NRA, that’d be 16/25, or 64%.

Of the 248 candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives endorsed by the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund, the NRA-endorsed candidate won in at least 216 of these races, with the outcome still uncertain in six races, including CA-4, LA-4, MD-1, OH-15, VA-5 and WA-8.  That’s an 84% victory rate, not even including the districts still in question.

That’s some scary paper tiger, there.  Another interesting factoid on the election is that a lot of senators and reps who had previous had poor ratings from NRA submitted responses to NRA questionaires that would have made them appear to be “pro-gun” – almost like the left is running away from the gun issue as fast as possible.

To quote Murdoc: So is the media saying the gun lobby is dead because it’s done so well or because it’s done so poorly?


  1. They said the NRA was dead in ’94 when they passed the Assault Weapons Ban.
    A few months later the dems had lost control of both houses, largely due to the NRA according to Bubba Clinton.

  2. Howard Nemerov really debunked the antis argument on Cam and company the other night talking about his new piece Gun Control – the Road Ahead. We might actually be a little better off numbers wise than we were the last two years if the AQ rated candidates turn our to be as good as their survey responses.

  3. The 80% comes from the BC particularly wording it. It’s 80% of NRA endorsed Rep candidates where a turnover occurred and the opponent was a BC endorsed Dem.

    When I did the Head to Head numbers in IL, the Brady Bunch got tromped in overall races.

  4. Lame stream media is dead and they don’t recognize it, yet they keep preaching the leftist mantra in most of their writings. Tribune Corp. just filed Chapter 11. Circulation is down at most, if not all, of the major rags in the country. Major network news viewing is off, and has been for several years. Most media outlets are losing money and they still can’t see the forest for the trees.
    My dad was in the newspaper business (for a conservative paper in the NE) and he is probably rolling over right now at the way journalism has manifested itself. Thanks to the internet, I can pick my news and get ALL the story, and not have to worry that the paper, or TV will leave an important fact out because of their chosen bias.
    I just can’t believe that the smarts that allowed people to rise to a prominent position in the news industry just can’t see why this industry is sinking, and that they have the intelligence to reverse the damage. Is their ideology that ingrained?

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