1. That looks very much like a rabbit/possum/skunk/fox/raccoon trap my father used to use. Keep the family fed during the winter and worked quite well—except when we caught skunks.

  2. You’re trappin’ `coons! What’s the fur buyer payin’ for coon skins these days? I have a trap just like that. It’s real’ easy to get `em to climb up and then slide the barrel of a .22 in an’ pop `em in the head.

    Except that doesn’t look like it’s set properly. The trip plate isn’t sitting high enough.

  3. An ex and I caught 9 racoons that had wandered through her backyard using a trap like that and relocated them out into the woods across the river from us.

    The tipping point when we realized that we needed to do something about the racoons was when we found muddy racoon footprints on the kitchen counter when we got home one day.

  4. We discovered this morning that the trip plate is sent plenty high. Holy cow, did we ever catch some cats.

    Not the cat we wanted to catch though.

  5. For skunks just gently lay a blanket over the cage. Then gently pick them up, and put them on the tailgate of a truck, and drive to the nearest body of water. Grab the cage, and chunk it in the water. They drown, and the stink, for the most part, stays in the water.

    It is a bit cruel I guess, but when you get an infestation of the smelly bastids it is effective.

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