I’m watching Survivorman on the Discovery Channel, and the host is simulating a hunter who is lost in the forest with his hunting partner. I’ve always liked Les Stroud, and now I like him even more. Why, do you ask? Because for his choice of hunting shotgun, he has none other than a Remington Model 11 slung over his shoulder.

And we all know who designed that gun, right?


  1. I say that one last night, and it is by far his best episode yet. However, do you know the model,manufacture of the gun Bob was carrying. It was a .410 break barrel,but it didn’t look like a H & R.

  2. Heh! I have a 12 gauge Remington Model 11 sitting in my safe. Dad had one and I used it all during my “growin’ up” years. It was later stolen. A few years ago, I found one at a gun show in near pristine condition, a cast off of the Ontario Municipal Police(?) and grabbed it.

    I just wish I could find a 20″ barrel to go along with it.

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