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Anti-gun group performs study and gets results that agree with their bias.

Protip: when your group’s name is “Mayors Against ‘Illegal’ Guns”, no one will be surprised when your “study” shows that guns r bad.  I eagerly await the publishing of the actual study so it can be debunked in about 20 minutes by the internet.

2nd Protip: Don’t base your “crime” study on the ATF’s trace data, as the ATF itself says that you shouldn’t do that with their data.  But whatever.


  1. I don’t get the whole “illegal gun” meme.

    With very few exceptions, guns themselves are not illegal.

    The possession of them by certain persons are.

  2. Rusty,

    It’s pure pop psychology and marketing; who wouldn’t be against “illegal” guns versus being against “legal” guns.

    Makes it hard to ban guns when it is being claimed that “legal” guns are being used in crimes illegally. The public is gullible but not that gullible, I hope.

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