Speaking of gunsmithing, I finally found a fix to the problem I was having with the Horrible Frankenshotgun.  You see, because it’s a cobbled together monstrosity, the pin for the stock never quite fit right, and would drop out or worse, cut my hand when shooting.  A .22 LR case wasn’t long enough or wide enough to get the job done, and a .25 ACP case was too wide.  Then other day at the range, I was shooting some .22 Magnum, and I picked up one of the empties and had a gunsmith epiphany right there on the spot.

Once I got home, I took an empty .22 Mag casing, and dropped it in the pin hole for the stock.  It didn’t quite go all the way in, but a couple of taps with a mallet drove it in for a perfectly snug fit.  Now the stock doesn’t move around, and I don’t have to worry about the pin cutting my hand or falling out.

Note: the tape doesn’t contact the stock anywhere, I’m not damaging the gun.  I just needed something to fill the grip out a little bit, so it would fit my hand.


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  2. Amazing! Frankenshotgun still looks better than anything under the acrylic display case at WalMart.

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