The dreaded words

I had emailed Wilson Combat the other day, asking about which Bulletproof slide stop I needed to buy for my Para P16-40 Limited, since they only catalog options in .45 ACP and .38 Super/9mm.  Here’s what the customer service guy at Wilson emailed back to me:

You would need to purchase the .38/9mm and modify it to work properly in a .40S&W.  I would strongly suggest you have a competent pistol-smith install this part for you.

Tam noted last week the bolded words in that sentence mean “bring money” when you go the gunsmith.  Somehow, the fact that the Wilson Combat guy said “strongly suggest” really doesn’t make me a happy camper.

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  1. All it needs done is filing and shaping about .05″ on the tab that interfaces with the magazine.

    Worst case scenario, you file too much and it doesn’t lock the slide back on the last shot, and you need another one. Other option is you don’t file enough and causes FTFs.

    Just to be noted, I’m not a pistolsmith and my competency is always in question 🙂

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