Way to go Georgia

Georgia re-elects Sen. Saxby Chambliss to his seat, which is good news for gun owners.  At the link, Sebastian has a pretty solid run-down on what this means for gun owners and conservatives, and it could be good news – especially since in between the general election and the run-off, Sen. Chambliss improved his margin of victory to a landslide 13%.  Here is a quick hits list of the “good things” that Sen. Chambliss’ win does for us:

  •  Preserves a Republican filibuster
  • Reminds people that NRA hasn’t gone anywhere, and are still a big dog in this fight
  • Shows that the Democrats could be in serious trouble in 2010 if they don’t play it smart.

It does mean that you’ll probably see the Franken campaign ramp it up a little bit in Minnesota to try and take that seat away from the Republicans, however with Coleman up by 303 ballots through Tuesday, it is going to come down to the resolution of the 6,000 some odd disputed ballots to decide that race.

Of course, Sen. Chambliss holding his seat is no reason to rest on our laurels – as gun owners, we have a long, hard road ahead of us for the next 2-4 years.