I want this gun

And there’s no logical reason for it, either.  It’s a Commander sized 1911 from Colt, in .38 Super.  I’ll even toss in some gratuitous gun porn, just because I like you so much.

Do I own any other .38 Super guns?  No, so this wouldn’t be as economical as getting a commander sized 9mm.  It’s not a 5 inch gun, which means that according to some, it’s less than ideal for IDPA competition (although I disagree that Commander sized guns can’t be competitive) but for some reason, none of that matters, and I have a completely irrational want for this gun.

Maybe because it’s a Colt.  Maybe because I’m fascinated by oddball calibers.  Maybe because I like Commander sized guns more than Government sized guns.  I don’t know.  All I know is that every time I go to Gallery of Guns, I end up searching for this pistol to see if they have any in stock, and man oh man…do want.

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  1. I’m also putting a 9mm barrel in mine. In the Super guise, it’s a hoot to shoot. Real flat trajectory. And it doesn’t wreck the brass like that wretched .357 SIG bottleneck crap.

    Cheers, Jack

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