Fiocchi adding subsonic 9mm ammo to catalog

Fiocchi is adding a new 158 grain subsonic 9mm load to their “Shooting Dynamics” line-up of cartridges.

 Fiocchi’s 9mm Luger subsonic round leaves the muzzle of a 5-inch barrel at 940 fps, well under the sound barrier, while generating a powerful 309 ft./lbs. of energy. At 50 yards, the bullet loses little momentum while generating 893 fps velocity and 279 ft./lbs. of energy. At 100 yards, this quiet performer still produces 852 fps velocity and 254 ft./lbs. of decisive energy.

Sounds like that would be great to clean some bowling pins off the table in minor category.  I’ve got a serious love affair with heavy 9mm bullets (I don’t know why) so I’m definitely excited to see a bargain priced subsonic load in 158 grain weight.


  1. I’ve put 30K rounds of 147 grain bullets through my Ruger P89. I really like the way the recoil feels compared to the lighter bullets.

    Plus with the truncated cone rather than a spherical nose they leave a much cleaner hole in the paper.

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