Not Even Todd Jarrett can help me now

Ah, Thanksgiving.  A time to gather with your family and friends, enjoy fine food, good company, and infrared light based shooting games.  Yes, there was pie as well, however (for whatever reason) my father-in-law had purchased this light-gun game (presumably) for my nephew, and hey, if it involves pulling triggers I’m game for it.  As usual, click all images for full-size.

So, that’s the game itself – and it came with this huge orange light-gun that sort of looks like a Colt Single Action Army, that makes “bang” noises when you pull the trigger.  Basically, a completely awesome toy for any boy-child, whether they’re 4 or 26.

Now, seeing as I’m a total goober, I felt it was necessary to be as tactical as possible for this, which meant hauling out the Blackhawk gloves for maximum effectiveness (side note: those Blackhawk gloves make excellent driving gloves) on the obviously terrorist targets downrange of me.

Yep, got a good isosceles stance going there, keeping my eye on the front sight, oh yeah – I’ve got this light gun thing down pat.  Too bad that the infrared beam doesn’t exactly go where the sights are aimed, but I can’t help it if the gun is out of spec.

Of course, the best part is the part where I’m playing with my 4 year old nephew, who after watching me shoot did the most adorable thing and adopted my facial expression when he was shooting.

What you can’t see in this picture is the constant stream of “get your shock absorbers into it” or “hold the gun 20% tighter” that’s coming from me as he shoots the toy gun.

I mean, hey, I figure you can’t start them too early on proper fundamentals of recoil control and sight picture, right?  Once he figured out that he had unlimited ammo, it was all over.

Watch out Jerry Miculek, in 20 years you might have some competition from my speed demon nephew here.

I hope that everyone else had as much with their friends and family as I did yesterday, and that we can all successfully recover from the ham/turkey/pie or whatever it was that we OD on yesterday.


  1. I have it on good authority that the traffic cone orange Single Action Army displayed in the picture actually contains more metal parts in the trigger group than does a FNH PS-90.

  2. Sweet report Caleb! Dick’s Sporting Goods has a shotgun version where you “break” bottles and cans with the same IR set up in shotgun form.

    My son took one look at it and added it to his Christmas list.

    What kind of gun nut father would I be if I didn’t get it for him?


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