Gun Nuts Last Night: Epiphanies and HS Precision

Last night’s show was great.  Click the link to listen to the show; and you won’t be disappointed.  We started the show a little off topic, because I had received an email from TD about HS Precision printing a ringing endorsement of their rifles from Lon Horiuchi.  Yes, that Lon Horiuchi.  I’ll post more details on that in a follow-up post, but please click the show link to listen to the discussion.

After that, we talked about “ah-ha” moments in shooting and politics – those moments when it all came together.  Whether it was about politics or the shooting sports, having our listeners call in and share their moments with us is always a pleasure.  As usual, you can listen to the show in the embedded player, or click this link to download the .mp3 file of the show.


We’re real excited about the upcoming weeks on Gun Nuts, as we have quite a few good shows in the pipeline. You should really check out last night’s show though, I feel like in terms of content and callers, it was one of the best.