Blackwater USA Shoot House

Because I can only take so much of Robb’s goading, here is my run through the shoot house at Blackwater USA.

I was able to get a screengrab of the best shot in that video, where I’ve got two brass in the air – I played with it in photoshop to give it just the right “comic book” look.

It’s kind of interesting watching that playback, because a bunch of stuff happens on that video that I don’t even remember.  Around 40 seconds, I lose a bunch of time because I muff a reload, and then the gun didn’t go all the way into battery, because I screwed up the reload.  Really didn’t remember that at all.

It is nice being able to watch yourself shoot – you can see all the bad things that you’re doing and make mental notes to correct them with more practice in the future.  Of course, my big problem is shooting hostages.


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