1. Obviously, this is a sign.

    A sign you need more magazines, so there can always be one conveniently in your glovebox.

  2. Or, if you lift the lead on the center console, find a mag filled with Gold Dots, realize you’ve been loading Hydoshoks for the last month and discover you’ve found the mag you’ve been looking for since the Labor Day outing.

  3. Oh man, I do stuff like that all time. When I worked for a hotel chain, I’d intentionally have my staff check people into room 223 or 357.

  4. — “Getting gas one day I chuckled to myself upon seeing the read-out had clicked off at $30.06.”

    I have a similar story: I was buying something somewhere (don’t recall where or what) when the register popped up with “19.11”. It was a poor time not to have a decent camera.

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