What I did instead of shooting

As previously mentioned, I went to the Purdue/IU game, which Purdue won by 52 points (awesome).  Here are the highlights in pictorial.  Click any picture for the fullsize version.

Here we are getting ready to leave for the game.  It was 7am, and I was on my 2nd cup of coffee.  10,000 Terror Points for the horrible rictus.

It was pretty cold at the game.  How cold, you ask?  Well, at 9am when we got there, it was about 25 degrees.

Most of us were pretty well bundled up, as evidenced by the next couple of images.

That’s our buddy from college, Dan.  Dan was not as cold as I was.

That’s my foot.  Like I said, cold.

Now, without comment, some action shots from the game itself.

Final score?  62-10, Purdue.

Hot dogs eaten?  3.  Cups of coffee consumed: too many to count.


  1. OMG, you are allowed to burn? on dead grass? with an open flame? without a permit? I’m jealous….

    I guess I’m just smarting from the NO BURNING WOOD IN FIREPLACES rule that just went into effect here in the SF Bay Area. Of course it’s only on cold overcast days, when you’d, you know, want a fire for heat, that the particulate count is high enough to trigger the rule. Grrr.

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