Chicago PD receives S&W MP15 rifles

Smith and Wesson has announced that they’ve shipped an order of 275 MP15 rifles to the Chicago Police Department.

Among recent shipments is an order from the Chicago Police Department to equip the city’s officers with 275 M&P15 rifles. In addition, the Minnesota State Patrol also converted to Smith & Wesson firearms, receiving 90 M&P15 rifles.

Officials at each of the agencies indicated that they selected the M&P15 based on the rifle’s accuracy and reliability during testing. The quality of the rifle’s components, production of the rifles in the United States, and the field sales and training support offered by Smith & Wesson were all cited as factors leading to the selection of the M&P15. During the selection process, the M&P15 was tested against other competing patrol rifles.

Now, we’ve talked before about Illinois’ onerous gun laws, however that’s not really germane to the current discussion (although it would be nice if citizens of Chicago could get rifles as easily as the PD); but I want to congratulate S&W on being able to successfully capture a law enforcement contract with their rifles.  Whether or not you agree with fulfilling orders to places like Chicago, we as gun owners benefit from companies like S&W getting sales in the law enforcement market.

Unlike other companies *coughHKcough* Smith & Wesson is deeply invested in the civilian market, and in fact receives most of their annual earnings from sales to the civilian market; with the possible exception being this year with their recent contract to provide M&P pistols to the Iraqis.  That means that when S&W makes a bunch of money selling rifles to the Chicago PD, that the money gets turned around into products that you and I want, such as the aforementioned M&P pistols, or more M&P-15r rifles.

So, while I of course disagree with Chicago’s anti-gun policies, ultimately I’m in favor of most things that are good for the firearms industry as a whole; items where revenue comes into the industry that can drive new and innovative consumer products.


  1. Chicago PD doesn’t need carbines. They live in the Obamanation, where his community organizing made Chicago the safest place to be.

    Good for SnW. That’s a decent sale, unless its compared to the number of AR’s some gun shops are selling since the election. lol!

  2. Well… there *are* those among us who still remember S&W’s “Boston Agreement.” I don’t remember HK doing anything so onerous.

    Why yes, I am quite partial to HKs… it should be admitted.

  3. I wish S&W would do more to better the Gun Climate here in Mass….still it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have many handguns to choose from. Possibly the voodoo with the “Aproved Roster” might have to do with why they don’t take more of a stand on issues. Lots of gun makers are on the “Aproved List” but never granted final aproval by our Attorney General….I know the steps to get on the list…nobody know what needs to be done to be aproved for sale….

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