My cat loves Jerry Miculek

I was watching Outdoor Channel last night, and Jerry Miculek was destroying cabbage with a Smith & Wesson .460 XVR revolver which I was enjoying most heartily.  My cat Malcom jumps up on the entertainment center and spends the next minutes staring intently at Jerry on the screen.

Sorry for the lousy picture quality, all I had at hand was my cell phone, and there wasn’t a whole lot of light to be had.

However, what’s really odd is that the second that Jerry’s segment on the show I was watching was over, Malcolm hops off the entertainment center and goes about his merry way doing whatever it is that cats do when they’re not destroying my house.


  1. Perhaps you should teach your cat to shoot. 🙂

    On second thought, might not be a good idea. While cats possess a fine independent spirit and f***-you attitude, I got the feeling that my cat would have indifferently killed and ate me ‘a la mouse’, if only I weren’t quite so much bigger…

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