1. Yeah.

    McCain hired incompetents and talking heads with more of a personal agenda for themselves. Unfortunately, that spoke for a portion of his character that wasn’t appealing to a lot of folks. He just made a string of bad choices, possibly due to bad advice and his own party screwing him over.

    Future reference: Never use the words Maverick and Reform when running as the Republican candidate who needs the Conservative backing to win. Never has worked, never will work.

  2. I knew the finger-pointing would come fast, but I didn’t think it would be this fast.

  3. Well at least I’m pointing the finger where it belongs – I’m not crying about voter fraud or a stolen election, Kal.

  4. I’d just expected a mourning period before the emotionally charged accusations about whose fault it was started flying.

  5. “I blame the Republicans for not actually being conservatives since about 2002.”

    Amen, moving to the left never solved anything, certainly as far as Republicans go.

  6. Actually, I disagree.

    Moving in two different directions never solved anything.

    You had John McCain, who is pretty moderate, go over the line to the left, and you had Sarah Palin, who was moderate a few years ago, go way to the right and scare people.

    Going hard in either direction is not a good idea. You don’t talk about big government fixing everything (a Democrat idea) and changing the Constitution to reflect God’s will (a NeoCon idea) when you want to win an election. McCain is guilty of the first, Palin guilty of the second. And that drove off people in the middle.

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