The Not-so great debate

Tam comments on the long suffering and often horsewhipped topic of “not using the sights“, and how it often seems to come up over and over again on the gun boards.  I just posted on this issue as well, with the “aiming with your body” post a week or so ago, and I’m amazed at the frequency with which this conversation pops up.

I believe that “point shooting” or “non-sighted fire” or whatever you want to call it does have a use in self defense, but that use is primarily limited to extremely close range and contact distances.  Until I hear Robbie Leatham, Todd Jarrett, Jerry Miculek or the Ghost of Jeff Cooper say “don’t use the sights”, I’ll still keep grabbing that flash sight picture for any shots beyond contact distace in competition.


  1. Remember that is fine in competion if you mean as in shooting at paper targets. Let me know the next time you decide to use your sights while shooting at a guy who is intent of taking away your gun and who is within non-contact distances of 5, 6, 7 8 or even 9 feet of you. I wish I could demostrate directly to you how foolish it would be to do that. You would be much nbetter off hip shooting, or shooting from high ready with your gun in close to your chest than you would be by holding out to sight it in and thereby offering it to the guy who wants to take it from you.

    All the best,

  2. There seems to be a misconception that I’m going to be standing still while “Mr. Badguy at 1 or 2 yards” is coming after me with hostile intent.

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