More on New York gun permits

John Snow at the Gun Shots looks at a part of the article I didn’t mention:

Some of us own handguns for protection. Others like to hunt with them. Still others enjoy participating in shooting competitions.

But if you’re Martha Stewart’s daughter, Alexis, you own a pistol in order to shoot your dogs in the head:

He’s not kidding.  The linked article (the same one I linked to yesterday) actually says that Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexis bought and keeps a gun in her condo/house so that she can shoot her dogs in the head if she ever has to leave the city.

That’s got me thinking about what sort of reason they need for you to get a permit in New York.  I mean, if killing your pets is a valid reason, surely being poor and living in a bad neighborhood and wanting to defend yourself is valid.  Of course, we know that it’s not, and that the reason Martha Stewart’s daughter has a permit is because she’s Martha Stewart’s daughter.

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