Must be nice

New York City issues pistol permits to Mets ballplayers Carlos Delgado and David Wright.  Now, I’m not down on them for getting gun permits – being public figures and having fans, sometimes crazy fans, can be dangerous.

…36,000 people with gun permits in the Big Apple – a list that includes celebrities, billionaires and politicians.

The number of permits has dropped to 35,210, following a downward trend since 2003, when there were 41,173 active license holders, according to the NYPD, which issues the permits.

“The process can be intimidating and grueling. It may take up to 18 months,” said Manhattan lawyer John Chambers, who has specialized in gun licenses for 20 years. “And New York is probably one of the most difficult cities in which to get a concealed-carry license.”

It costs $340 to file a permit application, and there’s a $94.25 fingerprinting fee.

Among those permitted to carry guns are Robert De Niro, artificial-heart inventor Robert Jarvik, Donald Trump and billionaire supermarket king John Catsimatidis.

To qualify for carry permits, applicants must show documented threats against them or prove that they routinely transport cash or valuables in business.

Or apparently be rich and politically well connected.  I’m willing to be that there are a lot of people in New York City who could quite easily demonstrate a credible threat has been made against their lives, but since they don’t have “Trump” or “Jeter” for a last name, they don’t get carry permits.


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