More on McCain supporter “attack”

Update: Turns out it was all bullcrap.  I cannot condemn this sort of tomfoolery strongly enough.  There are plenty of legitimate political and social objections to Barack Obama that we don’t need to engage in outright lies and falsifying police reports to discredit his candidacy.  I am personally apalled that this woman would stoop to this level in order to make a political point.

So, I posted yesterday about this as it broke, and then I updated that evening because I had my doubts.  I got some angry email, so I wanted to post the picture of the alleged victim and explain why I doubted that the “B” scratched into her face was legit.

First off, the “B” is backwards.  That’s exactly the position it would be in if someone who wasn’t paying attention did it to themselves in the mirror.

Secondly, it’s really, really shallow.  I’ve scratched myself worse than that just by scratching an itch vigorously.

Third, and finally, it’s almost perfect.  There are no jagged lines on the “B”, no sharp corners like you’d expect from a maniac who was holding someone down and carving a letter into their face.  Any rational person would have been struggling and fighting back, which would have created a much more jagged and  ugly wound track.

Now, she does two black eyes, and she most certainly could have been assaulted and robbed.  However, the “B” just doesn’t figure.  If she had said she was attacked and beaten because of the McCain sticker, I wouldn’t have a problem at all believing that, but the presence of the backwards, shallow, and perfectly defined letter “B” just makes me want to call bullcrap on this.


  1. I don’t doubt the story (yet!), but I agree the photo looks bogus, for the reasons you stated. So I am withholding judgement.

    Wouldn’t be the first time, though. Google Tawana Brawley.

    But if the poor woman was assaulted, she has my apologies and my sympathy.

  2. I can, and do, make better black eyes with commonly available cosmetics in about 30 seconds. There is no significant swelling around those bruises, which are already purplish as if they were several hours to one day old.

    Yet for some reason, the scratches look rather fresh…

    It’d be interesting to see if those black eyes disappear with a swipe of Noxema.

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