Match Prep

The IDPA State Championship is tomorrow!  Tonight I will be at home, annoying my wife while I study courses of fire and do presentations from the holster with an empty gun.    Tonight’s agenda includes double checking my gun, holster, and magazines, packing up my range bag and then lying around trying to sleep.  Some bloggers who have shot matches with me before know I get all jacked up on adrenaline before I go shoot, and I’m already starting for the State Championship.

I’m hoping that the rain will hold off for the rest of the day today – some of the guys are shooting the match tonight, and I’d hate for them to shoot in the soggy mess that’s going on outside.  Plus, I don’t want the range to be all soggy tomorrow, either.

If you’re not shooting the IDPA State Championship, but are still looking for something to go shoot tomorrow, head out to Marion County Fish & Game for their monthly bowling pins match.  Pins are still my favorite thing to do with a handgun, so I’m a little bummed that I’m going to be missing this month’s match.

Wish me luck, or better yet, wish that I be fast and accurate.

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