IDPA Clothing

As I mentioned below, I’ve got the IDPA state match coming up this weekend.  One of the items that is often overlooked in match prep is the clothing that you’re going to be wearing.  Obviously, you need to be able to move freely, stay warm (it’s going to be in the 40-50 range on Saturday), access your gun quickly, and most importantly ward off the Demon of the No-Shoot.

A lot of people aren’t familiar with the No-Shoot Demon, but he is certainly one of Satan’s most vile servants.  What he does is infect, and posses innocent, honest shooters – shooters that just want to shoot good scores and have fun.  When possessed by this demon, otherwise talented shooters start blasting no-shoot targets like it’s their job; laying a path of waste and destruction to make Darth Vader proud.

However, just many ancient cultures believed that tattoos could protect you from demons, in our modern age, SCIENCE has revealed that modern cottons and polyesters, when infused with potent magics and patterns can ward off the No-Shoot Demon.  Behold The Ahab Special. While I’ve linked to this before, I had not yet realized the deep, untapped power that this shirt holds within it’s fabric.  By giving myself fully to that power this weekend, the No-Shoot Demon will be unable to wrap his dripping talons around my trigger finger and induce me to shoot a poor, innocent hostage.


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