Gun Nuts Radio: Your favorite gun

And activism, which we discussed in the top half of the show.  You can (of course) listen to the archive copy of the show here, or if you prefer download an .mp3 copy of the show or just click the embedded player below this to listen.

While the segment on activism and being informed was valuable, the part of the show that I personally enjoyed most was where we took call-ins from our dedicated listeners who told us their stories about their personal favorite guns. I talked about my Marlin 25M (which I promise I’ll blog about soon), Breda talked about the 1911s she covets, and it just took off from there. One of my favorite stories of the night was Jay G, who talked about the Colt Official Police that was his grandfather’s gun that he carried on the force.

The last half hour of the show was almost touching – the talking of all the guns that were passed down from generation to generation really struck a chord with me; and I hope that when you listen to the show, it will for you as well.

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