Tonight on Gun Nuts

We are doing a slight format change tonight on Gun Nuts Radio – instead of having one dedicated topic for the duration of the hour, tonight we’ll be shifting to a “two-topic” format.  Tonight at 9pm Eastern, tune in to the top half of the hour for a discussion of grassroots activism and how it can directly impact this extremely important election; then in the bottom half of the hour, stick around while Breda, myself, and our listeners talk about our favorite firearms and why.

For both halves of the show, if you’d like to call in and share your views and opinions, our listener call in line is (347) 539-5436 – and if you’re listening live at you’ll be able to participate in the conversation. Join Breda and I tonight at 9pm Eastern to talk a little bit of guns, a little bit of politics, and a lot of fun.