New holster

My new IDPA holster should arrive today. I order one of Galco’s M5X or MX5, I forget which. Sorry for no link, you’ll have to google it. Writing html on my crackberry isn’t that easy. Back to the holster though.

The rig itself is Galco’s kydex/polymer holster, designed for doublestack 1911s with a 5 inch tube. When I found out that my Blackhawk holster wasn’t IDPA legal do to the offset from my body (side note: IDPA’s holster rules are insane and nonsensical at times) I realized I’d need a new rig for the state championship. I ended up going with the Galco because I’ve had tremendous experience with every other Galco holster I’ve owned, and I’m hoping that their polymer rig is as good as their leather rigs.

I’ll have a full write up in a couple of weeks, after the State IDPA match – I figure there’s no better “trial by fire” than an all day 250+ round pistol match.

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  1. IDPA rules…..”insane and nonsensical” may be paying them an undeserved compliment. I did battle with the rule book some years back over a Bianchi because the model 19 holster (hip carry, 5″ 1911, thumb break) was in the book but my holster – a 19L, same holster with a liner – was not.

    I go through the same drill now every time I shoot a match with my 5″ 625 because the rule book stipulates 4.2″ maximum barrel length for revolvers. I tell them, “OK, then, just don’t score my targets, or hit me with the procedural penalty for each shot fired” which causes such neuron overload that I expect heads to start exploding.

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