Liveblogging the Rally

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be attending the McCain/Palin rally this afternoon in Indiana. Sarah Palin is scheduled to be there, and I’ll be liveblogging the event. Watch the blog later today for almost realtime coverage of the rally with Sarah Palin.

I’ll be curious to see if any hecklers and Obama supporters show up – I accidentally saw two minutes of Keith Olbermann’s show yesterday, where he basically said that Sarah Palin was inciting people to violence against Obama voters. I assumed he was full of crap (his lips were moving) but I’ll now have the opportunity to actually witness one of these rallies. I mean, if the legacy media is to be believed, a Sarah Palin rally is just one step short of a KKK rally, because all of us Republicans are racist, you see.

All kidding aside, I’m actually pretty pumped about this – so come back this afternoon for live coverage of the event!

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