Indiana IDPA State Championship

I just have finished reviewing the courses of fire for the Indiana State IDPA Championship match, and they are looking pretty good. The match organizers estimate that you’ll need in the neighborhood of 250 rounds to shoot all of the courses of fire; the cof themselves look pretty demanding. Lots of targets, movement, and strong hand only shooting.

I’ve got a week to practice – which means a week of fundamental drills, drawing from the holster, getting a sight picture and breaking the shot. Todd Jarrett said quite often that “if you blow the draw, you blow the string” and he is quite correct. My primary focus will be getting on the gun smoothly and quickly, which will allow me to be faster on target.

The match is coming up fast – we’ll be shooting next Saturday at Atlanta Conservation Club. If I can, I’ll liveblog from the match and try to get some video for the Gun Nuts Radio Blog as a part of the continuing coverage of the shooting sports scene in Indiana.

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  1. I totally agree with blowing the draw leads to blowing the shots…

    Interestingly enough, I almost never blow the draw (even under stress) now (lots and lots of practice), but rather blow it when picking the gun up from a table/drawer/etc…

    Gotta work on that – there is always something to work on, eh?

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