American Tactical Pistols

American Tactical Imports, the importers of the super cool GSG-5 .22 LR MP5 clone have announced a new line of “American Tactical Pistols” which should be available soon.  These weren’t on display at SHOT this year, so I’m hoping that at the ’09 SHOT I’ll be able to get my hands on one of them and provide you with a first hand report.

At a rough glance, they appear to be borrowing heavily from Sig and Browning in terms of aesthetics, and I have heard rumblings (just rumblings) about a 1911, but beyond that I don’t have information.  Their distributor websites are still only cataloging the GSG-5 and GSG-5P as their only ATI items.  More info to come as I get it!


  1. I believe these are turkish Tisas Zigana pistols. If you find them especially interesting, I think you can already get a .45acp version from J&G Sales.

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