Steel Results!

The results for the latest Friday Night Steel match at Marion County Fish and Game are posted at their website.  In centerfire pistols, I finished 6th out of all centerfire divisions, which makes me feel pretty good as that was my last official match before the IDPA State Championships in a couple of weeks.  I finished 2nd in the Single Stack division, a full 5 seconds behind the leader, which I could have easily shaved off had I not botched a run on the plate rack on stage 2.

All told though, I’m pretty happy with a 6th place finish, especially after my dismal showing last month.  The ParaUSA Gun Blog 9mm is a great gun for single stack – in 9mm there is very little recoil, and when I use the Todd Jarrett Kung Fu Grip(tm), the gun settles quite handily down after recoil.  The only thing that would make this gun perfect would be if I could one with an all-steel frame.

The Friday Night Steel matches are about as much fun as you can have with a pistol – I strong encourage you to head out to next month’s match (in November) and give it a try.  Even if you don’t have a centerfire pistol, you can still shoot the match, there are competing classes for rimfire pistol, rimfire rifle, pistol caliber carbine, and even shotgun.  I will be there in November and I hope you will as well.

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