Random Revolver Musings

US Firearms makes some pretty cool blasters; check out their well, check out all their guns.  “Cool” doesn’t even do them justice.  What I really dig is that you can order their guns online and have them shipped to the stocking dealer of your choice, so I could in theory order one of their “snubnose” pistols and have it shipped essentially right to me.

I am sad that Taurus discontinued the Gaucho – it was a steal at less than $400.  Sure, it wasn’t a Ruger or a Beretta, but it was a good entry level six shooter.  At least they’re still offering their .45 Colt pump action rifle.

Looking through my gun cabinent, I realized I only have one .45 caliber revolver.  Gotta fix that.


  1. USFA makes the guns Colt wishes they’d been making for the last 20 years. Compared to a nice USFA, a Colt Custom Shop Peacemaker looks like a Taurus Gaucho.

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