1. What airline were you on that didn’t have a grumper in the secure area?

    I usually fly Delta and they do at all of their gates.


  2. That is almost as bad as being frisked in the Colombian Airport…

    Stopped for any copyright infringements????

  3. I fly into MCI 5 to 10 times a year. No other real way to get into Topeka KS from Texas.

    I learned real quick to make sure I could hold it to DFW before crossing that security line.

  4. Never been through KC, but I hear reports from the open house this weekend that the new Indy terminal is a winner though.

  5. Yeah KC airport is awful. Not to mention that it’s a $55 cab ride to downtown. I’ve only flown there as a final destination. I’d fire my travel agent if she ever set up a trip with me connecting there!

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