Action Airgun Update

We just finished shooting the third week of Action Airgun, and I have to tell you that I’m having a blast. This last week’s courses of fire were all “speed courses”; draw from the holster and engage a single target downrange. Now, that sounds easy until you realize that the foam targets used in Action Airgun are about the same size as a playing card – not easy to hit in a hurry. My very fastest time was 1.01 from leather to target down; and I threw away a 0.95 run because I fired a second shot and my split was 0.20, which left me with a 1.15 or something.

But the very best part about Action Airgun is that I’ve finally got Mrs. Ahab shooting, and shooting regularly. She ran a 1.56 run, which was no slouch of a run herself, and is starting to get interested in doing more shooting with me on a regular basis.

We’re 3 weeks into a 13 week season, and like I said, I’m having a great time. My wife’s interest in the sport has only led me further conclude that Action Airgun is a perfect “gateway drug” in terms of shooting sports – she’s having so much fun burning down targets with an Airsoft 1911 that the next thing you know she’ll be smoking steel with a rimfire race gun, and then soon as you know it, shooting IDPA or maybe if I’m really lucky some Cowboy Action.

Hats are off to Action Airgun for creating a shooting game that is both easily accessible for new shooters, and a hell of a lot of fun for everyone.

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