Steel, baby, Steel!

Bring out your blasters for tonight’s Steel match at Marion County Fish & Game!  As usual, shooter’s meeting is at 1800, with the goal being to start blasting at 1815.

Last week I made the mistake of running two guns, a rimfire and my Para 16-40; because I’m not that good, it was difficult for me to make the transition from rimfire to .40 S&W and still stay focused on what I needed to do to make good hits on steel.  This week, I’m just running one gun: my Para LTC Gun Blog 9mm.  I’ve shot lots and lots of BBs out of this gun, and since it shares a common operating system with my Para P16, I feel pretty comfortable using it as a practice gun for the upcoming IDPA State Championship match.

I hope to see you guys at MCF&G tonight – bring lots of bullets, but most importantly, have lots of fun!

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